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a person riding on the back of a waterfall

1. Get yourself somewhere you haven’t been before, somewhere you can only go with Canyoning New Zealand

2. Embrace the opportunity to dress up like the michelin man in all the best canyoning specific equipment

3. Meet new people and make new friends for life as you share this wicked experience together

4. Receive the best value for money in tourism products with boats and delicious picnic lunches

5. Be lead by the most experienced and qualified guides in the industry

6. Get involved! Canyoning New Zealand lets you take the lead and try your hand at abseiling through waterfalls while learning basic canyoning techniques

7. Know that when you book a trip with Canyoning New Zealand, you’re not helping some big CEO buy his third holiday home, instead you will experience the passion of a small locally owned and operated business

8. Because getting out and about in the beauty of nature is something you should do in your life as much as possible

9. Check out trip advisor Ross and Rob our guides are super fun and awesome to hang out with

10. Create a memory in your life that will last forever!