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Our commitment to sustainability

Canyoning New Zealand is focused on meeting the needs of their present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. This is our commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.

Our commitment to sustainability initiatives affects our everyday work, from simple waste minimisation and recycling efforts to a larger goal of becoming New Zealand’s most sustainable canyoning company.

Tiaki – Our duty of care for people and places!

  • We pick up and drop off right beside council recycling bins to ensure any rubbish on trips is easily recycled effectively.
  • Committed to limiting the amount of single use plastic by using washable cups for refreshments and restaurants for our lunch inclusions.
  • Educate staff around the use of power and office resources to minimise our usage where ever possible.
  • Our vehicle fuel use is limited by providing one central pick up and drop off location for customers.
  • At our operations base we have separate recycling bins for paper/cardboard, glass and plastic.
  • We monitor the use of water by using measured amounts for washing our wetsuits and the sun for drying them.
  • Our wetsuit detergent is measured and biodegradable.
  • We run staff team building rubbish pick up days out at our canyoning sites each season.
  • Our canyoning maintenance days include the removal of any wilding pine trees.
  • Our company owns pest control traps that are set and cleared regularly.
  • We encourage our customers to donate a small amount with their ticket price that we use to purchase and plant trees.
  • We hold staff team building tree planting days to plant the trees donated by our customers.

We have calculated our carbon footprint for fossil fuels at 10.24 tonnes of Co2.

Fuel = 9.79 tonnes of Co2
Power = 0.45 tonnes of Co2
To compensate for 1 tonne of CO2, 31 to 46 trees are needed.
Our goal for totally off setting our carbon footprint is 500 trees per year.

Help us reduce our carbon footprint!

Every dollar counts! – Donate $5 towards new trees that we plant to help off set our carbon emission.

To prove our commitment to off-setting our impact, we promise to purchase and plant up to our goal of 500 trees needed each year to ensure this happens.