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1 Day Courses Per Person
2 Day Courses Per Person

1 Day Canyon Courses


Option 1: Sharpen Your Rescue Skills

This course is to sharpen your rescue skills, rope rescue is a perishable skill without practice. This course is about simple effective rescues. Join to train and practice in a controlled environment.

Option 2: White-Water Features

Come and learn to identify features more efficiently and how to navigate them. You will learn how to move through features and learn techniques to avoid them if necessary

Option 3: Canyon Movement on Rope

This course is to progress your movement on rope. Learn and polish your ascending and descending in the canyon in a real environment.

2 Day Canyoning Courses


Option 1: White-Water Canyoner

This course is for people that are looking to take their canyoning from low flow canyons to the next aquatic level from A2 to A3/A4.

Course content

· Canyoning water features
· Read the canyon and evaluate more quickly
· Movement on and off ropes in the canyon
· Learn rope systems for aquatic canyons
· Sharpen your rescue skills


Option 2: The Trip Leader

This course is for canyoners that are comfortable in A3 but want the confidence to lead others.

Course content

· Get a personal progression plan with what you want to work on
· Work on guiding styles keeping it modern and dynamic with current techniques
· Learn how to manage a group and the unexpected
· Role model best practice
· Refresh and sharpen your safety skills
· Boost your canyon awareness


Option 3: The Ultimate Team Mate

This course is for canyoners that go canyoning as part of a team but feel as if they would like to contribute more to the descent. This is by becoming an effective team member and being able to look after themselves and others.

Course content

· Get a personal progression plan with where you’re at and what to work on
· Look at your personal skills in canyon
· Learn a lighter weight approach to team equipment in the canyon
· Sharpen your rescue skills in canyon
· Read the canyon and move more efficiently through terrain
· Canyon communication and signals