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We recently sat our very first Qualmark evaluation!

This is something i have looked up to since being in business and knew it was a worthy achievement, not an easy assessment, but a great learning exercise in seeing how your business stacks up to the many important values you should have considered or already be using within your business.

In the weeks leading up to the evaluation we worked hard to put together everything in a formal manner to present and did everything we could to exceed expectations and show the value of our business and the considerations we have for our staff, community, environment and economy.

What a rewarding result to be recognised for this hard work and we came away with the best result we could have hoped for a Gold award!

Our auditor said…

“Congratulations on achieving a GOLD Sustainable Tourism Business Award. It is not often we see this level of achievement in a first evaluation but I do believe it is well deserved in this case.
You have an excellent business, you are making the most of all available support, your health and safety system is impressive and your passion and energy for a sustainable business enviable! In future I anticipate seeing Canyoning NZ promoted as an exemplar of sustainable business practises in NZ”

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