Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q - Do I need any experience to come out canyoning on any of the trips?

A - No, you don't, we will teach you everything you need to know.


2. Q - Do I need to know how to swim?

A - Not always, it's dependant on the water level and which tour you book.  It is important that you don't have a fear of water.

3. Q - Will I get wet?

A - Yes, so make sure you wear your swimwear and bring a towel for afterwards.  We will provide your wetsuits and all the canyoning equipment.


4. Q - Will I get scared?

A - If you have anything you're worried about, chat to us before you go and we can explain anything you might need to know.  

5. Q - Will I get cold?

A - Possibly, we dress you in super thick wetsuits to keep you as warm as possible, and have extra gear if you need it, as well as thermals for the cooler days.


6. Q - Will I see dolphins on the trip?

A - No, no dolphins in the canyon. 


7. Q - Is there an age limit?

A - Yes, this is different for each trip we operate, and you need to fit into our equipment i.e. wetsuits and harnesses.  So if you're an extra small/large sized person, give us a call to discuss.


8. Q - Do I have to do the jumps?

A - No, we can lower you down any of the jumps you don't want to do.


9. Q - How far in advance do I need to book?

A - You need to call the night before at the latest to book on a trip for the next day.


10. Q - What do I need to bring with me?

A - Just wear your swimwear and bring a towel along with you.  


11. Q - What do you guys supply?

A - All your canyoning equipment, a canyoning tour and guides on all trips, some trips also off pick up and transfers and lunch.

12. Q - What is your cancellation Policy?

A - We require a minimum of 48 hours notice or no refund can be issued.


13. Q - Can I bring my camera?

A - Yes at your own risk, also please bring something to attach it to yourself so you have the full use of your hands.


14. Q -  Can I wear my glasses?

A - Yes at your own risk, also bring something to attach them to yourself so you don't loose them.